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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby Vincent Update

We had an ultrasound and blood work this morning. All is going well. Here is a picture of Baby Vincent at 13 weeks 3 days...

All measurements seemed to be right on track for 13 weeks. We don't know the sex yet, that won't happen until week 19 or 20.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! The week is half over and I am so happy about that!

I'm loving...All the cute things my sister is knitting for Baby Vincent!
Like these scratch mittens, there is also a matching hat!

I'm loving...these other cute baby finds from Pinterest...

I'm loving... Our great friends that took us to a thunder game last weekend. We had amazing seats!

I'm loving... So yummy recipes that get me in the mood for summer!

I'm loving...these other Pinterest finds...

I'm loving... My amazing hubby!

What are you loving this week?

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby Vincent week 13 update

Hi, I am now in my second trimester! So here is an update and pics from week 13.

This week I am feeling pretty good, but a little bloated. I think I am just starting to realize none of my non-elastic waist close fit, and some won't even fit with the belly band :(

I am loving chick-fil-a right now. Mainly the chicken nuggets with Polynesian sauce, yummy! I am still trying to eat all the healthy foods for most meals, lots of fruit, veggies, grilled chicken, whole wheats, and more. Bond is a big help in this area!

As far as weight gain I am about 6.5, maybe 7 pounds up now. So pretty much on track!

Thanks for all your love and support! I have an ultra sound on Thursday and will try to get some pics up soon after.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday's Must Haves

Happy Monday. The weather is beautiful so I can over look the fact that it is Monday. Let's make this Monday go by faster with some retail therapy!

I must have these cute dresses...

I must have... A great prenatal yoga/workout DVD. I am officially in my second trimester so my energy is back up so I am ready to take on a new exercise plan. I am excited about this one...

I must have some great new sandal! Maybe some like this...

What are you craving this week?

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Fill in the blank Friday

Happy Friday! It's finally here!! Let's fill in some colorful blanks

1. My favorite color is red. It hasn't always bee red, but currently it is. I love what a bit of red can do for an outfit!

2. My home decor palette includes a lot of neutrals, tans, beige, grey, etc.

3. Other people always tell me I look good in the color coral.

4. The color I detest is orange, and not just because of the OU v. OSU rivalry. It's because no one looks good in orange, even people who can pull it off don't look "good".

5. If you were to look in my closet most of the colors you would see would be neutrals, black, grey, brown, white for work. Then I try to add color with camisoles or accessories.

6. A color that I simply cannot pull off no matter how hard I try is yellow or an orange. It makes me look yellow and sickly.

7. The color of my favorite dress is besides my ivory wedding dress (which is the most amazing dress I have ever owned) it would be coral, which was my rehearsal dinner dress!

Happy Friday! And don't forget to share your colors!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Here are the things I am loving this beautiful Wednesday...

I'm loving... Baby Vincent's strong heart beat! We had our 12 week appointment this morning and got to hear the heartbeat for the first time!! It was strong, although a bit hard to find at first.

I'm loving... My new spruce rack. It is the one "as seen on" tv, and so far it's great! I get some before and after pics up soon!

I'm loving my Pinterest finds this week

More kitchen organization ideas!

Some great quotes...

And I love this style... Especially pregnant!

I'm loving.... As always my amazing husband!

What are you loving this Wednesday?

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby Vincent 12 week update

So in case anyone has noticed, I am wearing the same clothes in all the update pictures. I thought it might be fun to see the change with the same clothes. Here's my latest update...

So I am definitely feeling more energized this week. Day light savings was a bit of a problem, but I have more energy than I have had in weeks!

I am loving root beer floats this week. It is my new favorite dessert.

I have gained a total of 5 pounds, at least according to our digital scale at home. Our next check up is tomorrow, so we will see if their scale agrees!

We are hoping to hear the heart beat tomorrow and will keep everyone posted.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday's Must Haves

Happy Monday, it's gloomy and rainy today so I am thinking about spring and spring clothes! Here's what I must have this week...

I must have all these cute dresses and tops from Ingrid and Isabel

I must have... These cute leggings and cropped pants!

I am still in search of great tunics to go with these pants so if you find any link up and share!

What do you have to have this week?

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Fill in the blank Friday

Happy Friday! Lauren @ The little things we do did not do a fill in the blank today, but I missed last Fridays so I will do those blanks...

1. My favorite room in my home is the living room because it is where we spend most of our awake time, it is open to the kitchen area along the back of the house so even if I'm cooking dinner I am included in the living room conversation, love that!

2. My current decor style is hand me down furniture from both families bordering on shabby chic, but I wish it was more of a pulled together eclectic style with old world themes.

3. I wish I could redecorate the master bedroom in my house to make it more usable. I think the current set up and furniture do not lend themselves to many uses.

4. My dream house absolutely has to have a huge laundry/mud room. Now I pretty much have just a walk through to the garage. I would love to have enough room that there are not piles of laundry all over the house.

5. One house item I am willing to splurge on is a matress and bedding. Nothing is more important than a good nights sleep.

6. A decor trend I just don't get it is neon colors. They should have stayed in the 80's.

7. Besides the dog hair, the comfy throw blanks on every piece of furniture is a little touch that makes my house feel like home.

I hope everyone has a happy Friday!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having beautiful weather and enjoying the week. Here is what I'm loving this week.

I'm loving... That Old Navy is making MLB clothes! I love this women's shirt for the Giants, Bond's team!

And don't forget the cute baby MLB clothes...

I'm loving... The amazing spring weather we are having! 70's and 80's all week! It is allowing to wear some of the comfy maxi skirts I got last weekend!

I'm loving some Pinterest finds...

I'm loving...this cute baby room idea with argyle! I love argyle and think it would be so cute even in some brighter colors.

I'm always my sweet husband! Here's another baseball pic from one of our many trips to Wrigley field!

What are you living this week?

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